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Deserter Book Project

Today South London, Tomorrow South London


If you live in South London, you're probably aware of the fabulous Deserter blog, or maybe you're a fan of their podcast. Deserter's latest venture is a book of their adventures and will be published by Unbound. I suspect they are mainly interested in the idea of book launch - probably in their local pub.

I'm currently working on the illustrations for the book and to make sure you get a copy once it's published you can pledge your support for the project here

Half Life

Big Top 'Taches

Big Top 'Taches

These are illustrations for postcards of 'circus 'taches' for the brilliant iwishiwasa.com which is a fantastic website full of wonderful dressing up clothes and accessories all designed by the lovely Tamsin Thorn....




30. January, 2018 |

This is great - I love these dog stars cards



01. August, 2014 |

We're getting a cocker spaniel tomorrow that we are going to call Jarvis :-)

Antony Medley

Antony Medley

17. January, 2012 |

I'll grow one if you get rid of yours first.



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